Become a Stockist

We are always looking for new stockists, and our products sell brilliantly in health stores, cafes, farm shops, gyms, vending machines, supermarkets and more! So, if you’re interested in becoming a nom stockist, we’d love to hear from you.

The current range of nom bars includes four different flavours, each supplied in our counter top point of sale case packs of 12 bars.

Our organic popcorn comes in three flavours, sold in case packs of 20. To display the popcorn bags, we can supply you with a complimentary* counter top point of sale display that comfortably holds 15 bags of any flavour.


We are listed with leading wholesalers in the UK and abroad, including:







If you would like any additional information or samples, please click here to get in touch and complete the enquiry form.

We also regularly attend trade shows, please come along and chat to us and have a taste!