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Fair Trade is better trade

Fair trade

Fair trade is incredibly important and close to our hearts here at nom. Not only does it mean a result in a better life for the farmers and workers, it will also mean a better life for their families and even a whole community for generations to come. When researching our suppliers, we always make sure that wherever we can, we choose fair trade and ethical companies.

With it being Fairtrade fortnight, we thought we’d share some of the reasons why we have chosen to work with some of the lovely people we do.

Coconut oil

Our coconut oil is certified by the social and fair trade standard. The company started in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami. With the vast quantities of coconuts in Sri Lanka, the idea was to find a way to use these to bring much needed money into the economy. The coconut oil market at the time was very small, with no coconut importers in the UK. This was to change and an export market for their coconuts was established in 2005.

They’re committed to being an ethical and fairly traded company by making sure the coconuts are picked, pressed and packed in the country of origin and the farmers and workers get a fair price and wage. This means that not only are the people in the home country are in employment and able to provide for their families, it also leads to an increased GDP in the country which boosts the economy and leads to even more development. All from a simple idea and a few coconuts!

Coconut palm sugar

Our coconut palm sugar is from Indonesia where they only use independent local farmers who have sustainable farming practices to harvest the coconut sap and make the sugar. The direct sales revenue for the coconut sugar remains in the local communities making immediate changes to the livelihoods of the farmers and their families. Training and further education is also offered to the farmers ensuring a positive future for them.

Cacao nibs and powder

Getting cacao from sustainable sources was really important to us. Finding a supplier that could provide organic, fair trade, sustainable cacao products was going to be hard, but we were lucky enough to find just that!

All our cacao nibs and powder come from cacao beans that have been organically grown in Peru. These are then harvested by local farmers and the cacao nibs and powder are made in a factory which is powered by solar and wind.


We use organic, fairly traded bananas from Uganda in our nom banana oat bars that have been sun dried, so don’t use any non-renewable energy. Not only have these been bought at fair trade prices, but the farmers and workers have also been given technical advice on agricultural practices to ensure they can keep working sustainably and successfully well into the future.


I’ll finish this post with a quote that I really love and applies so incredibly well to fair trade –

“Little by little, a lot becomes a lot” – Tanzanian proverb

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