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We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately. We’ve been super busy at Nom HQ – not only have we moved to a lovely big new premises, and launched our Tomato Pesto popcorn, but we’ve also got some exciting news about our products…

When we started Nom back in 2013, it was our mission to make nutritious, tasty products which would be available to everyone. Unfortunately, at the time, we were unable to make our products both organic and gluten free due to the manufacturing options available to us.

We’ve been looking into this for the past year – and we’re absolutely thrilled to tell you that from today, our nom bars will be re-launching with a new look and a new recipe. Here are some of the amazing benefits of the new bars;

  1. THEY ARE NOW GLUTEN FREE – we didn’t think it was fair that coeliacs and gluten intolerant people couldn’t enjoy our bars. Nom was founded as a result of food allergies – so we understand that it’s important to make ‘safe’ foods people can have on-the-go.
  2. COCONUT BLOSSOM SAP – we have switched from using agave, to coconut blossom sap to sweeten our bars. Coconut sap is even lower GI, with a delicious, caramel taste – making the bars more soft and chewy.
  3. WHOLE GLUTEN FREE OATS – we have changed the texture of the bars. They will now have whole oats – more like a traditional flapjack. We’ve done this by mixing even less during the manufacturing process, so the oats maintain their wholegrain shape and look great.
  4. DATES & SEEDS – we’ve added some dates and sunflower seeds to our bars. Not only does this pack in extra nutrition with omega, protein and more, but also adds a delicious chewy, gooey element.

We’ve been working really hard on these improvements. We’ve kept ALL the good stuff that you loved about the bars; the COCONUT OIL, the OATS, the FRUIT, the FLAVOURS. Everything is still responsibly sourced, VEGAN and ORGANIC.

We cannot wait for you to try the new look bars – and let us know what you think.


Team Nom.



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