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Nom Protein Bar: Why it makes the perfect workout fuel

The lovely Jo has been on an incredible journey with her health and fitness in the last few years (as you’ll read below) and nom protein bars have really helped her along the way.  We asked if she would do a quick guest blog post to tell you all about her story – 

Picking up my very first 2.5kg dumbbell little over a year ago with my new personal trainer, I never expected a year later that I would be lifting weights heavier than my own body weight!

Nom protein bars

Through finding a new hobby, I have not only transformed my physique, improved my strength (I am now used as the furniture mover/heavy goods carrier by the majority of people I know), I have learnt that nutrition really is key to all of the above. (okay okay, of course you must make sure you do actually keep up consistently going to the gym and give it 100% every time) but nourish your body the right way, and you’ll see results twice as fast! After all – “food is fuel”.

I am a goal setter, a get goer and nothing gets me more excited than accomplishments. My current goal is to improve my strength week on week; it keeps me motivated in the gym, and allows me to monitor my progress in a much healthier, exciting and satisfying way than monitoring my physique. Although I say this, my second goal is to increase my muscle mass. I understand, not all men and women want to have prominent lats and killer quads but whether you are an athlete, a swimmer, a power lifter or a yoga enthusiast – nutrition will be and should be important to you and your goals. After all – “food is fuel”.

So now I’ll talk less about my dumbbells and deadlifts and more about these magical Protein Bars. I first asked the creators at Nom for a sample having been fed up of searching for a PWO snack that was easily and readily available. For any fellow fitness friends, you will know all too well that most Protein bars come with their pitfalls. For me, it was often finding a bar that wasn’t stocked half way across the world with a delivery price that was worth more than my salary. If it wasn’t that, it was finding a bar with a balance of complex carbohydrates combined with a substantial amount of protein to feed my muscles that didn’t taste like chocolate or wasn’t full of sugar.


With 17g of Protein, 33g of Carbohydrates and 10g of Fat per bar, not to mention its free from refined sugar, full of sweet coconutty oats, oh and the protein source comes from peas (who knew), this nom protein bar should be everyone’s go-to pre/post workout snack!

Thank you to the Nom genius’s at Nom HQ for finding a tasty harmonising balance of health and fitness in one little purple and green wrapper.  Oh and if you are worrying about this Bar tasting like Peas – don’t! It packs a sweet & coconutty punch.

Want to get your hands on some nom protein bars? Get them in bulk from our very own website, or order them individually from Ocado or from most Holland and Barrett stores. 

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