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Why we ditched the refined sugar


Sugar has been taking over the health news in the past few months and for very good reason. It has now been suggested that it is a main cause of childhood obesity, tooth decay and type 2 diabetes. The low-fat generation have been confused by research saying that low-fat products were ‘healthier’ and will aid weight loss, but unfortunately, these products often contain a huge amount of sugar and artificial flavourings / preservatives to compensate for taste, shelf-life and feeling of satisfaction. It has now been shown that sugar CAUSES fat gain and health problems and that consuming fatty products (in moderation) will actually HELP people lose weight and become healthier.

With a third of our RDI of sugar coming from just 1 can of coca cola or 1 bar of chocolate, the need for an understanding and reduction of sugar has never been more necessary!

The problem is, everyone is so busy nowadays that it’s not easy to watch or reduce your sugar intake. Here at nom, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to grab food on the go and trust that we have your health in mind, especially when it comes to sugars.

Our products contain absolutely NO refined sugar whatsoever. They never will. We use a range of alternative ingredients to provide the sweetness and these are all from natural, vegan sources.

What do we use instead of refined sugar?

Coconut palm nectar

Coconut Palm Sugar

This one is from coconuts of course! As you may have guessed, at nom we’re obsessed with coconuts for so many reasons, but one of the best, is the low-fructose, unrefined coconut palm nectar. It contains 17 amino acids which are vitally important for the transportation of nutrients in the body. Studies have shown that it has a low GI which means that your blood sugar won’t spike as much as it would with table sugar so is healthier and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.



We use cinnamon to help sweeten our cinnamon maple popcorn. Not only does it make our popcorn taste amazing, it also has an unbelievable amount of health benefits! It has been used for centuries as a health food boasting benefits such as being anti-inflammatory, full of antioxidants, helps cut the risk of heart disease, lowering blood sugar levels and is a natural antibacterial!

Agave nectar

Agave plant

Agave is similar to honey, but is derived from a plant. It is another low GI product so won’t cause a sharp rise and fall in blood sugar levels. It is also sweeter than regular sugar, so a smaller amount is needed to give the same level of sweetness.

Maple syrup

Maple Syrup

A small amount of maple syrup sweetens our salted maple and cinnamon maple popcorn. It comes from the sap of a maple tree and contains around 24 different antioxidants, including polyphenol antioxidants which have been shown to help fight inflammatory diseases. It’s also has a lower GI than table sugar, meaning that, similar to agave and coconut palm nectar, it won’t spike your blood sugar levels in the same way regular sugar would.

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